Unique congress and keynote locations

Imagine yourself standing on a stage, ready to address a packed audience for the first time. You've been dreaming of sharing your vision as a keynote speaker at a conference with an impressive guest list. 

You know your speech by heart, you have a great hook ready to grab the audience's attention right away, and provided you have a few well-timed one-liners, your keynote speech will undoubtedly stay with the audience for days. But then... Just before you launch your intro into the audience, the walls seem to come crashing down on you. The room is oppressive, there is hardly any daylight and the audience is slightly agitated. You have been so focused on your presentation and the guest list that you have overlooked the practical details of the conference room. Worst case scenario? Not if you follow these essential tips.

The importance of the'space'

The first thing your audience will see, of course, is the room where you are addressing them. If you are planning to address a large audience, hold a conference or a company presentation, be aware that the space in question has a major impact on the performance of your speech. A conference venue with plenty of natural daylight will hold your audience's attention longer, but colours also play an important role. According to scientific research, the colours green, orange and blue are highly suitable for presentations and as an accent in rooms. Green calms the eyes and cool colours like blue increase concentration. In concrete terms, the formula for success for the perfect keynote speech is this: a large meeting room in light colours, large windows and coloured chairs. All that's left for your presentation is a beamer and projection screen. And killer content, of course.

Content is king

Now that you know the success formula for giving a keynote speech, you know that it still depends on your content. Think beforehand about the type of audience attending your presentation and try to 'hook' the content of your speech on aspects from their world. Don't overload your audience with facts but tell a story that resonates emotionally.

Ready to discover Cocom's unique conference and keynote locations?

congreslocatie met stadstuin

1. Bright seminar room with view of city garden

Want to make a statement with a top location? This conference building is perfect for it. In the heart of Antwerp, at a stone's throw from the National Bank, you can welcome up to 330 guests for a conference, keynote or training course. The auditorium is bathed in natural daylight thanks to the gigantic windows that look out on the beautiful city garden. The wall to the garden room is also removable, allowing you to enjoy a drink afterwards in a festive setting during the reception. This conference room has a projection screen, beamer and audio. Catering is also possible on request. Discover this space here.

Eventlocatie en vergaderruimte op de Meir

2. Congress at the Meir

Between the Boerentoren and the Meir lies the well-known hotspot "Brasserie Monico Meir". What you probably didn't know is that this might be the location of your next event or lecture. On the first floor, you will find an authentic, cosy space that can host up to 70 people. The layout can be adapted to suit your type of event: a reception, lecture, workshop or meeting. Easy to reach by public transport and plenty of parking space in the area. Discover this space here.

3. Keynote in green

What did scientific research tell us about the colour green again? Precisely, that it brings calmness. And that is exactly what you want your audience to experience during your event or seminar, isn't it? Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, hidden in the lush Boekenberg Park, this light-filled seminar room offers a unique view of the greenery. That workshop, lecture, product presentation or company presentation enjoys just that little extra at this location and can accommodate up to 60 guests. Catering is possible upon request. Click here to discover this location.

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