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You don’t need any prior experience – we’ve got you covered. So what are you waiting for?

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Advertise your day-space for free.

Download the free app and list your space. Describe your space, amenities and conditions in a few easy steps. Add a couple of pictures, set your price and you're good to go! You can set specific dates and times on your calendar availability.


Let your guest use the day-space.

Your guests access the spaces that you offer on a specific time, date and according to your house rules. You always control who books and can decline a request for free if it does not fit your schedule.


Receive your profit.

Hooray! When all is said and done, you receive your payment into your account. Cocom charges a service fee of 15% incl. VAT on each booking. Up to your next guest or maybe book a space yourself!

Main feature

Verified payments

All our payments are supported and secured by Stripe. Verification of the payments pass through the Stripe framework for maximum safety.

Main feature

Freedom to decline.

You can always decline a reservation. Each time someone wants to book, you will be asked to accept the reservation before they can pay and confirm.

Main feature

Set house rules.

Add house rules such as "non-smoking" or "keep it quiet" or even add your own rules. Set the max. amount of people allowed and relax.

Main feature

Set specific time & dates.

Set your schedule to exactly the dates and hours that are possible for you or set a general timeframe. You can easily adjust your offer.

Main feature

No bookings, no costs.

List your space on the app for free. Your space will gain exposure but you won't have to pay until someone books. No strings attached! Sounds too good to be true? Download the Cocom app for free and see for yourself!

Need help?
We got advise.

For any questions you can book a call with one of our advisors or a plan a professional shoot for your awesome spaces and we will be happy to help.

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book a call
Team Cocom

Let's answer
some questions.

How does Cocom work?

Once a Host (renter) publishes a space, the Guest (rentee) can request a booking for a specific period and time. You can request from as little as one hour to a complete month. The Host can either accept or deny the request without any costs. The request will remain until the actual starting period, however, we suggest to always accept or deny as soon as possible. This ensures a smooth user experience for the Guest. Once If the Host accepts the request, the Guest will be prompted to pay in order to confirm the booking. The payment is provided by Stripe that enables Visa, Mastercard and Bancontact. As soon as the booking is confirmed as result of the payment, both parties will get a booking confirmation with a calendar appointment. On the day of the booking, the Host is responsible for receiving the Guest into the booked space and allowing its use. After the booking is completed, there is a 14 day waiting period until the money is available in the Stripe account of the Host. This gives us the possibility to intervene in case of any issues. After that period, the amount will appear in the app and can be transferred to the bank account of the Host from the amount of €100,00.

Can everyone publish a "day-space"?

Theoretically, anyone can publish a day-space, so long that it meets our community standards. Such as; is it an actual day-space? Is the description correct? Are the pictures clear and qualitative? Is the pricing fair? Are the amenities correct, and so on... We always to a background check on our spaces. This enables Cocom to remain a qualitative offer of day-spaces. If your space does not meet our standards, you will be contacted by one of our advisors to see how we can help you improve.

Are there any costs if I want to rent out my space?

The Cocom app is free to download in the AppStore and Play Store. You can create an account without cost and even publish spaces without cost. It is only once a booking has been confirmed (upon payment) that Cocom charges a Service Fee of 15% incl. VAT. No cure, no pay!

Can I decline a booking request?

Yes, you can decline a booking request without any cost. Upon declining, you will be offered the possibility to add a reason for decline, you are not obligated to give a reason, however, we recommend you communicate with the Guest in order to find an alternative option. Suppose it doesn't work out with your schedule or something has come up, you can always decline a request. Please note!Once a request has been paid, the booking is confirmed, after the booking is confirmed, you are still free to cancel a booking, however, depending on the time before start, this can imply cancellation costs. Check our cancellation policy here there are costs associated with canceling.

When will I receive my payout?

When a booking is successfully completed, there is a period of 14 days after which the money will be made available in the Stripe account of our Hosts. In the Cocom app under settings (profile > settings > payouts) Hosts are able to request a payout. A payout is possible starting from € 100,00 and will be transferred directly to the linked bank account of the Host. A payout can be requested once each calendar month.

Is it safe to Host a space?

Similar to other sharing platforms such as car sharing apps, travel apps and so on, the Hosts are people like you and me. At Cocom we keep our community healthy by requesting our users to use their real names and preferably add a recent profile picture. We keep a close eye on our accounts as to maintain this healthy community. As a result of our payment provider STRIPE, the identities of our Guests and Hosts are verified to ensure safe transactions. As an extra, we have added a chat function that allows you to communicate directly with each other. This allows you to verify the purpose of the booking together and get to know each other beforehand.

What to do if my property has been damaged by a Guest?

Before we suggest how to handle situations in case of damages, we like to inform you that a booking with the Cocom app is insured thanks to our partners at AG insurance. The franchise in this case is € 250,00. In the unfortunate event that certain elements of your property have been damaged, we recommend you to do as follows:

1. Collect evidence of the damages. Take as many detailed photos and videos (before and after),and write a clear description of what is damaged or missing.

2. First contact the Guest and try to come to an understanding together.

3. If it is not possible to come to an understanding, contact support@cocom.be with the description and evidence. Send us the collected evidence + before pictures and estimated price (with invoice if applicable) of the damaged or lost property.

4. Wait a maximum of 3 days for Cocom support to review the issue. We will get back to you with a follow up.

5. If it is seen that the Guest is indeed at fault, based on the evidence and the Guest input, we will create an insurance case with our broker in order to get you reimbursed as soon as possible.

Cocom service fees

The Cocom app is free to download in the AppStore and Play Store. You can create an account without cost and even publish spaces without cost. It is only once a booking has been confirmed (upon payment) that Cocom charges a Service Fee of 15% incl. VAT. No cure, no pay!