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Rent ateliers per hour. Per day. Per month.
Connecting communities and making optimal use of existing spaces.

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More space
to grow.

Rent coworking spaces per hour. Per day. Per month.
Connecting communities and make optimal use of existing spaces.

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Rent photo studios per hour. Per day. Per month.
Connecting communities and make optimal use of existing spaces.

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Rent party venues per hour. Per day. Per month.
Connecting communities and make optimal use of existing spaces.

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Welcome to the Cocommunity! Explore the benefits and discover which membership suits you best.
Our memberships are designed to give our frequent users the benefit of booking cheaper and becoming part of our inner circle.  Explore our tailored membership offers, each crafted to meet the evolving needs of your space requests.
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We are committed to empowering your business with cutting-edge B2B solutions that revolutionize the way you utilize spacesharing. Our innovative tools and services offer a multitude of benefits, enhancing financial efficiency, supporting a hybrid work environment, promoting ESG compliance, and unlocking valuable analytics insights. Let us guide you on the path to success through our comprehensive employee spacesharing offerings.
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For professional use

Level up your skills.

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browse spaces
FOR personal use

Unfold into the future you.

Being the best version of yourself means finding the time and space to create it. Space sharing allows you to pick a time and space according to your preferences. So let Cocom offer you a healthy environment to explore your limits and become the person you have been dreaming of. Give yourself the space to unfold into the future you.

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browse spaces
For professionals
For personal use

Discover a new way of living.

Thanks to space sharing and Property as a Service, we create access to spaces that allow you to add comfort to your lifestyle and live big. More space to be free.

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Elevate your lifestyle.

Access various spaces that add to your comfort, self development and freedom. Create a flexible environment and a way of life you have always dreamt off. Live big and only pay for what you actually use. Rent the space you’ve always dreamt of and enjoy.

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browse spaces
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Energise your working environment.

New environments spark new inspiration. Our growing collection of unique spaces gives you a refreshing alternative to your current habitat and broadens your options to be creative. Being picky becomes the norm thanks to Cocom. Rent your dream office, artist studio or any other space you can imagine.

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browse spaces
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Enjoy moments together.

These are the moments that shape our existence. Sharing smiles, food, fun and stories. A creative, cosy, fancy or even architecturally pleasing space made exactly for your friends and family gatherings. Rent your perfect event space.

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browse spaces
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Expand your business.

Take your business to the next level by expanding it beyond its walls. Hybrid working, meetings, workshops and brainstorm sessions or even an original location for the new years reception. Every kind of space at your fingertips; more energy for business. Rent your inspiring conference venue.

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browse spaces
Our mission is Freelancer to connect communities for co-city living  and make optimalYoga teacheruse of existing spaces. Our dynamic approach towards space sharing Artist allows anyone to live big yet spend small.

Browse unique spaces

Explore all your options and choose from a wide variety of unique day-spaces, curated by our space advisors. Rent flexibly per hour, per day, per month.


No obligations, no hidden costs.
Book what you need, when you need it and only pay for what you used.
Simple, flexible and sustainable.

Join our 4.000+
users today.

The opportunities of ownership without the burden of buying and the advantages of renting without obligations.


To ensure your peace of mind when sharing day-spaces, we have foreseen an insurance to support your carefree journey on Cocom.


After a reservation request is accepted by the Host, the Guest confirms the booking by making the payment in the app. All payments are provided by STRIPE to ensure safe and smooth transactions.

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Frequent questions

You have questions and we have answers

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Thanks to Cocom, I have the possibility to play on different piano’s in various spaces. Which is nice as practice and to get to know new people.



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The Cocom app is simple and smooth to use. Within only a few steps you are able to book a suitable space for precisely the moments that you need it. Efficient and practical!


Company owner

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Thanks to Cocom I can receive clients at various locations and work remote. According to the type of meeting, I can easily choose between the available spaces. Great flexibility for the customers and myself.


HR Consultant

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Artists need space to discover, create and show their work. On all levels, the Cocom app proves to be a flexible solution that can be used according to any artists' needs.



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With the kids at home, it's impossible to find some quiet time to spend on my artwork. Therefore I was super excited upon discovering the flexible ateliers on the Cocom app!


Mom of Leon and Eva

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As a digital nomad, I am able to maintain a flexible lifestyle and still access all the spaces I need, without being bound to one location. Perfect for me, because I love to travel!


Digital Nomad

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Need help?
We got advise.

For any questions you can book a call with one of our advisors or a plan a professional shoot for your awesome spaces and we will be happy to help.

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book a call
Team Cocom

Or some answers.

How does Cocom work?

Once a Host (renter) publishes a space, the Guest (rentee) can request a booking for a specific period and time. You can request from as little as one hour to a complete month. The Host can either accept or deny the request without any costs. The request will remain until the actual starting period, however, we suggest to always accept or deny as soon as possible. This ensures a smooth user experience for the Guest. Once If the Host accepts the request, the Guest will be prompted to pay in order to confirm the booking. The payment is provided by Stripe that enables Visa, Mastercard and Bancontact. As soon as the booking is confirmed as result of the payment, both parties will get a booking confirmation with a calendar appointment. On the day of the booking, the Host is responsible for receiving the Guest into the booked space and allowing its use. After the booking is completed, there is a 14 day waiting period until the money is available in the Stripe account of the Host. This gives us the possibility to intervene in case of any issues. After that period, the amount will appear in the app and can be transferred to the bank account of the Host from the amount of €100,00.

Can anyone publish a "day-space"?

Theoretically, anyone can publish a day-space, so long that it meets our community standards. Such as; is it an actual day-space? Is the description correct? Are the pictures clear and qualitative? Is the pricing fair? Are the amenities correct, and so on... We always to a background check on our spaces. This enables Cocom to remain a qualitative offer of day-spaces. If your space does not meet our standards, you will be contacted by one of our advisors to see how we can help you improve.

Is the Cocom app free? How is that possible?

The Cocom app is free to download in the AppStore and Play Store. You can create an account without cost and even publish spaces without cost. It is only once a booking has been confirmed (upon payment) that Cocom charges a Service Fee of 15% incl. VAT. No cure, no pay!

Are there any costs if I want to rent out my space?

You can publish a space for free. As long as nobody books, you don't have to pay. It is only once a booking has been confirmed (upon payment) that Cocom charges a Service Fee of 15% incl. VAT. No cure, no pay!

Can I decline a booking request?

Yes, you can decline a booking request without any cost. Upon declining, you will be offered the possibility to add a reason for decline, you are not obligated to give a reason, however, we recommend you communicate with the Guest in order to find an alternative option. Suppose it doesn't work out with your schedule or something has come up, you can always decline a request. Please note!Once a request has been paid, the booking is confirmed, after the booking is confirmed, you are still free to cancel a booking, however, depending on the time before start, this can imply cancellation costs. Check our cancellation policy here there are costs associated with canceling.

When will I receive my payout?

When a booking is successfully completed, there is a period of 14 days after which the money will be made available in the Stripe account of our Hosts. In the Cocom app under settings (profile > settings > payouts) Hosts are able to request a payout. A payout is possible starting from € 100,00 and will be transferred directly to the linked bank account of the Host. A payout can be requested once each calendar month.

What to do if my property has been damaged by a Guest?

Before we suggest how to handle situations in case of damages, we like to inform you that a booking with the Cocom app is insured thanks to our partners at AG insurance. The franchise in this case is € 250,00. In the unfortunate event that certain elements of your property have been damaged, we recommend you to do as follows:

1. Collect evidence of the damages. Take as many detailed photos and videos (before and after),and write a clear description of what is damaged or missing.

2. First contact the Guest and try to come to an understanding together.

3. If it is not possible to come to an understanding, contact with the description and evidence. Send us the collected evidence + before pictures and estimated price (with invoice if applicable) of the damaged or lost property.

4. Wait a maximum of 3 days for Cocom support to review the issue. We will get back to you with a follow up.

5. If it is seen that the Guest is indeed at fault, based on the evidence and the Guest input, we will create an insurance case with our broker in order to get you reimbursed as soon as possible.

Cocom service fees

The Cocom app is free to download in the AppStore and Play Store. You can create an account and publish spaces without cost. It is only once a booking has been confirmed (upon payment) that Cocom charges a Service Fee of 15% incl. VAT. No cure, no pay!

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