A guest story by Frederik: chasing dreams in art

One of our first guests renting a space in The Butterfly Effect is Frederik. Frederik is not your ordinary guest. And we like that about him! Here's why...

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Frederik Schnieders, I am 45 years old and I paint. I studied (bachelor's and master's degree) at the Academy of Fine Arts. After my studies, I started working full time, combined with painting. I never really managed to make a full time living from painting until now. So four years ago, we created a group collective, that rised from the need of our friends to exhibit their work. If it's not being picked up by galleries, why not just do it ourselves? And so, Breedlijn was born. During the second phase of the lockdown, we launched the first edition. We always try to showcase artists we really like, regardless the discipline or level. The most important thing is that we like their art. And that it's fun! There is always room for a sense of humour in our exhibtions.

Breedlijn is currently holding an exhibition at The Butterfly Effect. How did this collaboration happen?

It's simple, I've known Jafar (the founder of Cocom and The Butterfly Effect) for a long time. We have always supported each other's projects, from when we were studying at the academy. I have followed the evolution of Cocom from up close. We knew very well from each other what we were working towards. Then suddenly, space openings at The Butterfly Effect came up and we seized the opportunity. In this way I get to help the right people find an atelier to rent, because the building has so much potential. And for us, it was a great opportunity to organise the fourth edition of Breedlijn at The Butterfly Effect.

So basically it's a win-win for Breedlijn and The Butterfly Effect?

Yes, you can put it that way! Jafar is very much committed to his community, just as we are at Breedlijn. We support each other from different perspectives: from the art community point of view, and Cocom in providing space.

Now you mostly rent spaces for art and exhibitions. Are there any other spaces you would like to see on the app?

On the app, there is already a very nice offer, budget-friendly, both for private and professional use, but it would be interesting to expand further to other cities. Jafar is really appreciated throughout our community. So for now, I don't miss anything on the app, unless a swimming pool, maybe. And a dance studio is already on the app, right?

So as a guest you have already used the app, how do you experience it?

I rent a studio through the app myself. I find the app very clear and efficient. It works almost like Instagram: you can post photos, you can leave comments, you can generate followers, you can expand your community. Very pleasant and user-friendly.

Can you describe The Butterfly Effect in one sentence?

Community space.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I want to thank Cocom very much for this opportunity and hope that with the Breedlijn show we can really showcase what we do. We are still an unsubsidised association, but if we put many (good) hands together, we can really create 'magic'.