Boom! Cocom reaches milestone of 25,000 square metres of space!

Hey you! Cocom has been working hard behind the scenes the last few months to welcome you into our wide world of day spaces. And with success!

We owe these milestones mainly to you, our loyal community:

150 day spaces

25,000 m2 rentable area

1000 users

What's in a number? We'll explain it to you in detail... As far as day spaces are concerned, the counter has now reached 150. This means that 150 spaces in Belgium are already available on the app. What kind of day spaces are they? There is something for everyone, literally. They can be rented for both professional and private use. With friends and family or alone. Large or small, basic or luxurious, indoors or out, mainstream or quirky, with or without a kitchen island, to relax or to meet deadlines... They have one thing in common: they make life just that little bit richer. In the 'broadest' sense of the word.

Creative minds, for example, can indulge their passion in day spaces such as studios, practice rooms with piano, photo studios and meditation rooms. Entrepreneurs and freelancers can receive clients, prospects and partners in the most unique and impressive meeting rooms, from conceptual design rooms and historic buildings to business clubs and inspiring seminar locations in green surroundings. It's a good thing that the bow is not always bent, because if you want entertainment, you can choose from 37 spaces such as game rooms, a garden with or without a swimming pond, a home cinema, theatre hall, football field, yoga and sports rooms... But the absolute record-breaker on the app is one that brings people together: no fewer than 50 day spaces are now available on the app to invite friends, family, colleagues and partners.

These 150 spaces represent 25,000 m2 of rentable area. This adds up to more than 4 football pitches of available space that have been given a new purpose thanks to the app. And which you, as a guest, can now also access. Browsing the app is like looking into the houses and buildings of your own city. Thanks to the app, you finally get to know your city or neighbourhood inside and out.

But at Cocom it's not just about square metres. Our driving force is of course our community. Meanwhile, the app has reached the milestone of 1000 users and our mission of "Connecting Communities" is becoming reality. This means that 1000 guests and hosts can connect with each other and rent or lease a day space from and to each other. This way, spaces are better used and living in the city becomes a lot more flexible. Now the question remains: will you be our 1001st user? Download the app here, register for free and become part of the Cocom community. Spread the word!

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