Cocom helps musicians play more music in their city

Music has always brought people together. And so it has been already for centuries, everywhere in the world, regardless of color, religion, age, education... Connecting people and communities is one of the biggest missions of Cocom. Here's what we did to make you play more music.

Maybe you've had a chance already to taste it, but here at Cocom, we share a big passion for music. If you were there, then you might remember the grand opening of our community hub The Butterfly Effect and its proper artist line-up filled with live piano, saxophone by Nuri Bedja and a performance by singer-songwriter Michael Deno. Wherever or for whatever reason we bring people together, we can't resist adding some tunes.

The effect of music on people is undoubtedly a powerful one. Listening to music can be entertaining and some research suggests that it might even make you healthier. And then there's the art of making music, one of the most universal ways of expression and communication for human mankind ever.

Music is omnipresent in our lives. It's safe to say that music connects you to yourself and to others.

We're not making this up, here's the story. When Cocom launched the idea of the app in summer 2021, we hosted a pop-up space in the middle of the city of Antwerp. In that space there was a piano that you could rent per hour through the app. The piano was a hit and by word of mouth Cocom soon became known as a creative space with the ability of connecting people.

Which brings us back to the essence. As a peer-to-peer service, we believe it's essential to evolve with the needs of our community. We noticed that finding a space to practice a music instrument is not easy for many young people who play. Most schools are usually not open during weekends and spare time. Living in the city also means that you're limited in space. And if you do have the space, you better have thick walls or tolerant neighbors.

So what would do if you could rent an entire music room in The Butterfly Effect including instruments such as the piano, drums, guitar...? Would you practice and try to nail that Mozart piece? Would you practice for that music school application? Or would you start a band? Who knows, you might even need the big stage next door (Club Effect) for your first live show or album release. The good news? You don't need 'big money' to chase your 'big dreams'. For 12€ per hour you can be the owner of a complete music studio. Does that sound like music to your ears?

Download the app, make a guest account and search for Repetitieruimte "Muziekstudio Effect" or check out this space on the website via this link.
Want to check out all our music rooms and piano rooms? Click this link and find the right space in your neighborhood.

Muziekstudio Effect