Tips for finding the best coworking space

Coworking, you can't avoid it, and that is not without reason

The traditional office job with a fixed workplace between four walls is giving way to coworking, the hip phenomenon on the work floor. More and more freelancers, but also employees choose a flexible workplace, where they are surrounded by other companies and colleagues. The advantages are obvious: employees and freelancers save time and money by working closer to home, and employers can reduce the high rent of office buildings and respond flexibly to the dismissal or recruitment of employees. The work-life balance is improved, and the planet gets more breathing space thanks to the reduction of exhaust fumes and traffic jams. Moreover, coworking brings a lot of ownership, because finally you can decide where you work. But now the question is, how do you find the best coworking space to get your work done?

These 3 practical tips will help you find a coworking space that instantly boosts your productivity and concentration:

1. Choose a space where privacy and silence are guaranteed. On the Cocom app you can see at a glance in which spaces you can work better in silence.⁠
2. Follow the light! Choose a room with as much natural light as possible and place your desk as close to the window as possible. Research shows that daylight offers many advantages such as better productivity and more energy throughout the day.
3. You need space! Make sure you have enough space at your flex desk to work clearly. Space on your desk means space in your head. And that is where the best ideas arise...

Enough talking, these flex desks and coworking spaces in Antwerp meet every single requirement:

Coworking at a top location

Located near Antwerp Central Station, the Meir and the Opera, this flex desk truly is at a top location. Bathed in natural light and with a breathtaking view of the entire city of Antwerp, it is particularly pleasant to work here. This workplace is located in a shared space, so plenty of social stimulation is guaranteed. Need lunch? No worries! There are plenty of places to eat in this neighbourhood. Discover this flex desk here.

flexdesk in Antwerpen
Flex desk in the Stadsfeestzaal

Do you prefer more privacy? In one of Antwerp's most imposing buildings, the Stadsfeestzaal, we find RetailDetail's creative hub. Here you can take a seat at one of the desks adjacent to the common room. Centrally located and equipped with all the necessary comfort and amenities: what more could you want? The perfect coworking space where you can find inspiration one or more days a week: discover it here.

vergaderruimte in bankgebouw
Meeting room in former bank building

Are you looking for a meeting room? STOOM.Workspaces is an architectural gem, centrally located at Vilvoorde station, close to all the main roads to Brussels and Antwerp. Here you have a choice of 3 meeting rooms and a chillout room, with different surface areas. On the ground floor of this imposing bank building from the 70s, you will find the coffee bar where you can go for a well-deserved break. Discover this space here.

vergaderruimte in 18de eeuwse apotheek
Inspiring meeting in an 18th century pharmacy

Can it be a bit 'extra'? Then why not hold your meeting in this 18th century pharmacy, located a stone's throw from the National Bank in Antwerp. This amazing location will undoubtedly provide your meeting with tons of inspiration and creativity. Or a training for your team, because learning is best done in a multi-sensory setting. What are you waiting for? Book your next meeting here.

Do you have a space with a workspace that you are not using? Publish it on the app and rent it out to flex-workers or students. Curious how that works? Then click on this link.