Give me some space!

Everyone knows by now what time it is when someone dares to speak out with the liberating words 'give me some space'. We googled the current definition anyway, just to be sure:

It literally means what it says, someone is asking for emotional and physical space. It usually is a request made in the context of a relationship, and means they feel a need for space to think things over, make decisions, consider options, or a host of other things.

Can we now unanimously agree that we all need 'personal space' from time to time? And certainly since the corona crisis, the realisation is rising that life really is too short to respond in a socially desirable way and to nip your personal needs in the bud. Moreover, we advocate that 'personal space' becomes a basic right for every individual on earth.

Good thing Cocom offers a tailor-made solution for that. Because from now on you can buy 'space' with Cocom vouchers, for yourself or to give someone some extra space. Yes, you can take this literally! Thanks to Cocom you can treat your team, colleagues or even your boss to a few square metres. This voucher gives you a 'spending budget' with which you can book a space on the Cocom app, whenever it suits you. A flex-desk close to home, an office space with a view on the Meir, a meeting room in cutting edge design... Fully flexible and even bookable per hour, half day or full day.

Need inspiration?

Treat your colleague, team, employees to space and create freedom, flexibility and many opportunities of hybrid work on the shop floor. Say it yourself, what can contribute more to a higher productivity and job satisfaction on the work floor, than giving your team Cocom vouchers...?

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Maybe you would like to please a friend who lives in the city with a garden for a day? Or a voucher for a daycation of your choice? A swimming pond for a summer afternoon, a painting studio, a luxurious suite to spend the day... Originality is guaranteed. Whoever you want to please, with a voucher of Cocom the possibilities are endless.

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Your studying son or daughter could undoubtedly use some personal space. After all, studying is easier in a quiet place, with wifi, whether or not accompanied by strong coffee. With a Cocom voucher they can choose the space that suits them best. Or give your virtuoso son or daughter a room where he or she can play parts of Debussy's songs on the piano without being disturbed? To keep the peace in your own home, a win-win!

Shh! There's someone working here!

Give someone space, order your Cocom voucher

Do you know an entrepreneur who could use some extra space, like a meeting room or an office? Or do you run a company yourself with employees for whom you are looking for a flexible and hybrid way of working?

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