5 x original locations for off-site meetings in Belgium

Off-site meetings can be great for your team and company. By getting you and your coworkers out of your daily environment into a space that triggers creativity and teamwork, you can experience benefits that last a lot longer than the actual time spent off-site. Consider it as a go-to strategy you should definitely adopt if you want to stay on track with your team goals.

So let’s have a closer look at those benefits which typically occur during and after an off-site meeting or event. First of all, a change of scenery can cause innovation and creativity to speed up. A new environment triggers a new way of looking at things, and thus enhances new ideas and solutions. Secondly, a new environment pushes team members to interact in a more informal way, transcending the usual flow of the communication hierarchy. Employees value this benefit as a sense of community building. Especially unusual and unique locations are essential to ‘break the ice’ and will have your team talking about it, even days after.

Overall, off-site meetings are perfect to escape from the daily office stress, boost creativity and get to know your colleagues a bit better. Doesn’t this sound like a great investment? The only challenge left here is to find the right location that fits the need of your team, goals and type of off-site meeting. Whether it might be a training or workshop, a teambuilding or a day full of meetings.

So, don’t waste your time and let us take care of the practical side. We’ve done the research and found 5 x original and inspiring locations in Belgium for your offsite team meetings. Click on the pictures to check out the spaces on the app.

The Gallery

Big events are challenging to organise. They require loads of preparation and organization but the biggest challenge is to find the right location. An off-site location which is spacious ànd unique at the same time. Gone are the days when companies were gathering in a boring, square room with artificial light and migraine inducing powerpoint presentations. This generation of ambitious companies is seeking something different. The Gallery at WATT The Firms might be the answer to your off-site quest. This space, with a capacity of up to 200 guests, is an ultra modern event location in the heart of Ghent offering everything from technical equipment, to natural daylight, to customizability of the set-up...everything to set the bar high enough for your off-site event.

Tables in a spacious and bright room

Rosier 37

Looking for an allrounder? Rosier 37 is exactly what you’re looking for. It is a charmingly renovated furnished townhouse in the beating heart of Antwerp’s picturesque city centre. It's the perfect spot to hold a special company event or inspiring teambuilding. This house really has no clear cut purpose so you can just let your imagination go wild and use it for whatever purpose or theme. Enjoy the vibrant heart of Antwerp’s old town, in a laidback atmosphere.

Houten terras met tafel en stoelen

The Hub

Inspiration is key for every team to function. One of the spaces you'll find on the app, was intentionally designed to inspire. Meet The Hub, a unique meeting point at Antwerp's Nieuw Zuid, originally created for architects and interior designers. And it shows. This space represents the perfect mix between functionality and architecture where only materials of the highest quality were used. This off-site meeting space is located in the heart of the building and can host up to 50 people, equipped with the necessary amenities to hold a presentation or meeting. When your off-site meeting may be a bit more special, or festive, this is your go-to location.

The Hub

The Ruby

Sometimes work is just not running as smooth as it was before. The morale is low, there's little initiative taking and productivity is slacking. Time for a change of scenery. The Ruby is the old orangery of the Rubens Castle in Zemst. Here you’ll find a unique location that radiates creativity and tranquillity. Call it... magic. But don't take our word for it. Come see for yourself and book The Ruby for your meeting, photoshoot, workshop, teambuilding or private event, … This versatile space will translate itself for every kind of activity. Create the necessary space for your thoughts to work and allow inspiration to flow.

Bright room with wooden table
The Ruby

The Boathouse

If you’re looking for the most original location to impress your team, look no further. How many times will you be offered a boathouse to boost your business? Exactly, this is a chance not to miss. This incredible off-site location is known as The Boathouse, situated on the banks of the Leie in Kortrijk. From the outside, to the interior, this place looks like it could have been on the cover of a luxury real estate magazine. Not only will this space surprise you with its cosy look and feel, it’s also practical to host any type of event. Enjoy the fireplace, lounge area, tap installation, music installation, projector, professional kitchen and the bbq. It is basically the perfect space if you value cosiness and practicality. The Boathouse can host up to 50 people sitting or 80 people standing, but it’s mostly ideal for dinners, small company events or presentations.

2 long tables prepared for a meal
The Boathouse