The ultimate summer feeling: treat your friends to a garden

You never saw your friends as often as this summer, since the last few editions swung between lockdown and pandemic. But did you know that you can even become more social by spending time in nature? It almost sounds like a contradiction, but the facts speak for themselves.

Nature has many other benefits for us, but our current preference to live in urban areas means that we hardly notice the effects on a day-to-day basis. To reap the benefits of a strip of green, it is best to leave the city behind.

The benefits

Nature (especially green nature) not only makes us more social, but also more relaxed. A walk in the greenery ensures that we breathe more slowly and experience much less stress. Moreover, it is up to 10 degrees cooler in nature than in the city, partly because stone and concrete retain heat and partly because trees provide shade. More greenery in the city could therefore also be one of the answers to tackling the heat problem in summer. Even on the human brain nature has a great impact: more contact with nature would increase creativity and vitality. Science has also shown that people who spend time in nature on a regular basis tend to be happier. All these benefits argue in favour of a regular 'nature' cure, even if it is a challenge in the city.

Een private piece of nature

Thanks to the Cocom app you can enjoy all the above benefits of nature as if it were your own garden or meadow. Because when you rent and lease day spaces through the app, you also have a beautiful garden, a lovely swimming pond, a vast picnic area or a terrace with a lounge in the green. With the same conditions as day spaces: flexible renting, with the option of hosting your cosy gathering alone or with friends.

Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and enjoy an idyllic picnic meadow with alpacas!

Give a garden as a gift!

Thanks to the vouchers, you can enjoy nature without limits. Give yourself a piece of green or treat your friends to a unique location. The vouchers can be used for any type of day space, at any time of day. Order your voucher at and our team will contact you as soon as possible.