Space to read a book: are you already optimising your reading experience?

On the occasion of this week's international 'Read a book day', which fell on 6 September, we think it is much needed to give this day some extra attention and find out what is the best space to read a book. Reading a book is the ultimate way to disconnect and work on your personal development at the same time.

At Cocom we believe very strongly in matching your environment to your activity or mission of the day. You don't cook in the bedroom, do you? The place where you devour your favourite books does have an impact on your reading experience. A cosy sofa to sink into, or a place with a wide view of the green countryside, a long table with noise in the background... And smartphone on mute. Or not?

The #BookTok trend?

If it were up to Gen Z, books and social media would be perfectly compatible. And then TikTok in particular would get the youngest generation reading. Under the hashtag #BookTok, users share their favourite reads as well as their reading experience in short snippets of text. Booksellers even speak of a noticeable increase in book sales. After all, scrolling on TikTok is a lot less cumbersome than scouring Google and Amazon in search of concise book summaries, right? Anno 2022, the #BookTok trend is still going viral and, with any luck, includes the perfect - and most recent - reading list for you.

We already picked out the nicest reading spots for you, within easy reach (or finger swipe).Which, by the way, you can gift to your sweetheart, buddy, colleague... via this link.

3 x space to read a book

Plop down in the über-soft sofa in this space with rich textures and funky design for hours of reading pleasure. Check this space here!

Dive back in time with a Jane Austen novel. This library in an antique shop will catapult you right back to the 18th century. Check this space here!

Is there a more romantic place to dream away with a good book and a good glass of red wine under a lukewarm, post-summer sun? With two or alone... Check out this cozy camper and book ‘m here!