Office space à la carte: for every type of entrepreneur

When was the last time your office was fully staffed? The office in itself is no more. While the fixed workplace used to be the standard daily base for the entire company, office work is now the exception rather than the rule.

More and more often, an office becomes a meeting place for colleagues, executives, weekly team meetings instead of a place of productivity. As an entrepreneur, you'd better make the best use of your office. Think of it as a place to strengthen team spirit, to exchange important information, but also to give your professionals room to grow.

And so the question arises: what do you do with all that office space as an entrepreneur? Do you still need to invest in a large office? How can you efficiently provide your company with an office, taking into account the increasing hybrid work?

Thanks to Cocom, entrepreneurs can decide for themselves how to fill in that office space, in which phase of their growth plan. The diverse offer of flex-desks, meeting rooms and office spaces meets the taste of every entrepreneur. Moreover, the option of flexible renting finally gives you the freedom to anticipate the exorbitant prices of the real estate market. Are you curious about what you can rent à la carte in terms of office space?


What does your average workday look like? Are you mainly on the go so you don't need a permanent office? Then a flexible workplace might be the solution for an entrepreneur like you. In which work environment do you really crawl into your zone of genius? Minimalist and light? Or vibrant and stimulating for all your senses? Whatever you need, you can find plenty of inspiring office spaces or flexible workplaces on the app. Work where you want, how often you want.

Discover this flexible workplace here.


There are meetings and there are important meetings. No one will deny that the latter are usually make or break. As an entrepreneur, you know all too well that the location or meeting room has an unprecedented impact on the flow of your meeting or presentation. Business or casual, choose a setting or location that is guaranteed to please your audience, whether in small or large groups.

Impress everyone with a unique meeting room.


Are you the type of entrepreneur who takes every opportunity to network? Then leave a permanent office for what it is and discover the advantages of coworking. Here you sit together with other professionals, or effortlessly expand your network at the coffee machine.

Networking with professionals is done in this space.

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