Cocom's first-ever physical venue 'The Butterfly Effect' settles in Antwerp

The time has come. Our brand new project, The Butterfly Effect, is coming down to Antwerp. As you may have already seen, the colorful facade in Borgerhout cannot be missed. But what is "The Butterfly Effect"?

First, the definition according to wikipedia:

"The Butterfly Effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state."

So, according to wikipedia, we can describe The Butterfly Effect as a small change that can lead to exponential growth in a certain direction. For our founder, it only made sense to name the Cocom's new location this way. "The creative hub is a meeting place for the community, a place where people from different disciplines can interact. This cross-pollination leads to exponential growth, hence, The Butterfly Effect." The Butterfly Effect, as mentioned by our founder, will be a new creative hub in Antwerp. In which the full-circle approach where creatives can both discover, develop, meet and exhibit at the same location is important.

Cocom joined forces with a local project developer in recent months to make the most of this insane 1,500 m2 building. We focused on music, art, photography, events and performances. You will find in our hub various studios, exhibition space, party rooms, music and photo studios. In time, the developer is planning a mixed-use renovation project but the insights into use will also be taken into account when forming the effective building plan. In this way, what the neighborhood needs will be listened to first hand.

In this way we want to inspire, how thanks to creativity you can create valuable spaces with minimal input. Although the combination of different disciplines also brings about an interesting cross-pollination. After all, Cocom stands for COnnecting COMmunities and this cross-fertilization leads to The Butterfly Effect today. 

The building is very recognizable thanks to the amazing mural set by Antwerp artist Larsen Bervoets. The colorful effects give the facade, the building and the street a completely new look. Bervoets is a multidisciplinary and experimental artist. He is fascinated by the interaction of color and space, combined with perspective, the human point of view and the natural play of light and shadow. He was therefore also the perfect artist for The Butterfly Effect mural.

Our mission with The Butterfly Effect is awareness. To deal more consciously with available space and to use it optimally. Awareness about the possibilities that space sharing offers; namely making space useful thanks to a creative design and dynamic approach. Connecting in a more conscious way to ensure a positive, exponential impact.

To experience it all yourself, you are always welcome to visit The Butterfly Effect at Sterlingerstraat 80, 2140 Borgerhout. Or rent a space on the Cocom app and bring out your creative spirit!

Below are some photos of the available spaces: