Haiku Cycle
Haiku written by Herman Van Rompuy

Haiku 1 : Hopping and skipping
Haiku 2 : The perfect summer
Haiku 3 : Within walls
Haiku 4 : While the corn ripens
Haiku 5 : The essence of all things
Haiku 6 : I will be your grave
Haiku 7 : On a morning walk

Hopping and skipping
a bird jumps in the meadow,
straight into summer

To dine at leisure,
flooded in bright sunlight :
the perfect summer

Monks are praying
within walls, softly coloured
as the desert sand

My friend in a coma
while the clouds keep watch
and the corn ripens

You taught me
the essence of all things :
all life is giving

Are you mute forever ?
Are flesh and blood now extinct ? –
I will be your grave

On a morning walk,
I tread on a violet :
spring is in the air

Haiku: Herman Van Rompuy © 2010